Rwanda’s Places to Visit

Volcanoes National park

Volcanoes National park is a stop centre to see and interact with the critically endangered mountain gorillas sheltering the highest number of gorillas in the Virunga Conservation area.

Mount Bisoke, Mount Karisimbi, Mount Gahinga, Musanza Caves, Rwanda Mountain Gorilla Safari, Gorilla Guardian, Mgahinga Ntional Park.

Rwanda Culture

The culture of Rwanda is a very diversified and it has a unified state since pre-colonial times unlike many countries in Africa. It not only includes the population of Rwanda but also Kinyarwanda speaking people in the neighboring states particularly Uganda and Congo.There are 3 main ethnic groups in the Rwandan culture namely Hutu, Tusi and the Twa

Wildlife animals and primates

Rwanda the land of a thousand hills is also blessed with a number of wildlife species including a variety of primates whose safaris offer great wildlife encounters. The tales of Rwanda’s primate safaris are very exciting featuring man’s closest relatives and basically how these interesting animals manage daily in the jungle.

Kigali city tour

The Kigali City Tour provides an in-depth look at Kigali, its past as well as present, guaranteeing that you to  experience the lively Kigali city.  Fortunately Kigali which is Rwanda’s capital is blessed with a moderate climate all through the year. its as well a lively  commercial center of the country.

Nyungwe Canopy

Tour Nyungwe Forest National Park of Rwanda from 50 meters in the air on the Canopy Walk and access impressive insights into East Africa’s largest and oldest Afro-Montane Forest. The walkway of length 200 meters hangs across a steep and deep valley filled with thick forest.