Golden Monkey(Chimps)

Tracking of the golden monkeys is also a thrilling experience that gives an impressive happenstance with these beautiful species of monkeys known as the Golden Monkeys.

These have also got a prominent golden fur coat, and this also adds to their unique attractiveness and are so lovely to look at and give an exceptional photography. The golden monkey expedition is also dominated by the famous gorilla trek and therefore mostly done as an additional activity to gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park.

These are also endangered species and are so exclusive to the Virunga mountain ranges that cover the whole Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda, and Rwanda, these are the only countries where the tourists get the chance to trek and see them at up close. These species mostly live in the bamboo forests as well as vegetation at the far base of Volcanoes Mountains. These also mostly eat the bamboo shoot. These have got two habituated troops with in volcanoes national park and the larger troop found in Sabyinyo has between 80 to 100 members and this one is the most visited troop. The permits for trekkingthe golden monkeys only cost $100 and there is always no limit to how many people can do this trek. There is also no age limit.

There is always one session for golden monkey tracking in the whole day and this one takes place early in the morning like many other tourist activities with in Volcanoes National Park. Here the visitors have to report at the headquarters by 7 am where they will meet the ranger guides for the briefing and then will drive to the starting point of the trek and this takes only 15 minutes way from the edge of the park.

These monkeys will easily be found as they mostly live at the bottom of the Volcano Mountains with in the bamboo forest, and by just following the traces of fresh leftovers from the bamboo shoots eaten, the trackers are then able to locate them with in less than an hour. The guests also spend 1 hour watching these beautiful creatures as they try picking the bamboo shoots and also make vast leaps from tree to tree and this is possible with their long tails that provide balance. These long tails can also get stuck by the bamboo and then these are cut off as you will view some monkeys with short tails.

These monkeys always spend most of their time at the top of the bamboo and also climb trees to the eye level and also on the ground. These are also some of the shyest monkeys you can come close to within a meter. They are also very delightful for photography and the flash is allowed which is not allowed for the other primate species, i.e the gorillas and chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda. These monkey species also love camera flashes and also love moving out of the park into the open potato fields in order to eat the Irish potatoes that are left behind after the harvest. The monkeys also dig and clean the potatoes before eating and this is so amazing to watch!

The physical ability required for golden monkey trek

This trek is also one of the less active with in volcanoes National park. These monkeys also live at the floor of the mountain with in the bamboo forest and the terrain is also slightly flat and so easy to hike. It only needs basic fitness to hike to see these great creatures.

What to carry for the Golden Monkey trek in Rwanda

  • The Hiking shoes
  • A rain jacket
  • Drinking water
  • A camera with a flash