5 Days Historical Rwanda Tour

Places to visit: Kigali Memorial Centre, National Museum of Rwanda, Museum of Rwandan Ancient History, Rwesero Arts Meseum, Nyanza Royal Palace, Museum of Natural History, Presidential Palace Museum, and Kibeho Shrine.

Activities: touring museums, and visiting sacred places.

Duration: 3nights/ 5days

Covering distance: 260kms

Number of participants: 1 to 6

Season: January to December

This special trip gives you enormous opportunity to explore splendor treasures related to ancient history of Rwanda. These rich historical treasures are housed in different museums. The richness history of Rwanda is very significant aspect that creates an identity of Rwandan people. The rich history of Rwanda dates back to the kingdom era, colonial and post colonial times; which have for long not been explored to attract tourists and create awareness on the Rwandan people. Your tour inside these museums will enable you to know why Rwandese believe their society have strong power and mysteries. You will spend day learning their ancient lifestyle and traditions.