Travel Guide

Essential and useful information to help you plan a trip to Rwanda. Advice on when and where to go, safari planning, staying safe and healthy, and more;

The success of every holiday is a result of supplementary services from other sources. It is noteworthy to enlighten some services that give support to holiday you would wish to undertake in Rwanda and beyond. These services make sure that holiday makers get satisfaction from their leisure pursuits. Among these services include travel advice, banking, telecommunication, health and nightlife.

Travel advice

A holiday to Rwanda for a period of 90 days may not require you a visa if you’re a national of the following countries: USA, UK, Sweden, Hong Kong, Germany, Mauritius, South Africa, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Kenya and Uganda; while the nationals of Burundi may do the same for 30 days. However, for more information contact the nearest Embassy of Rwanda in your country.

Financial service

The financial transaction services available for instance in Rwanda are hard cash payment system, limited international credit card payment system, money transfer and foreign currency exchange. A number of banks, based in Rwandan capital Kigali, accept money transaction by the use of either ATMs by the clients with local bank account or international credit cards by those with international bank accounts. Most of these banks, which are internationally owned, have several branches allover Rwanda. However, in Rwanda, the accepted US dollar currency note series is that from 2003 and above.

Health service

The fact is that valid travel insurance and yellow–fever vaccination are recommended; there are health services available in Rwanda, which range from clinical services to hospital’s surgical treatments, provided by major clinics, dispensaries, and referral hospitals. Most of them, located within Kigali. City, operate twenty-four hours. Some of them have upcountry branches in the major towns, and few are as well located deep in the rural areas.

Phone service

There is also telecommunication service for different purposes. As the case of Rwanda, a number of telecommunication operators compete to provide such services on a pay basis to the clients; right from the border posts of Rwanda. They provide telephone, internet, and other related services to whoever wants them. These services are all-over Rwanda; even in the remote areas where nature is the major beneficiary of their telecommunication networks.


Finding any entertainment, on a pay basis, more popular from the late evening up to the early morning hours of another day in Rwanda is so easy. Whether you want clubbing until morning or just want to enjoy a few drinks with friends, there are number of discotheques, bars and pubs from where to select.