About Rwanda

The suitable destination for perfect holiday we offer to you is Rwanda, a country with impressive natural, and cultural/historical features for a memorable holiday in the east-central tropical region of Africa. This is a country of rolling hills with impressive scenic view.

Small as it is, Rwanda is a tourist destination where sites – especially those with natural, cultural, and historical features — give unforgettable experience. This is a country privileged to be part of Virunga Massif, a home to Mountain Gorillas; rare species only found in this part of the world.

Viewing – for instance – several wildlife in their natural environment in different parts of Rwanda, is itself a fascinating experience you should not miss. A number of Protected Areas, in this country, serve as the major homes for different types of wildlife; ranging from aquatic to terrestrial fauna and flora.

Watching cultural/historical features in Rwanda is another experience you should not miss. Regardless of single dialect – internationally described as Kinyarwanda – spoken and valued by all natives, the country has more for cultural tourists. These include representations of the ancient lifestyle of Rwandese society. In addition, contemporary lifestyle of Rwandese, and their traditional art of work provide holiday experience hardly to forget.