One of the spectacular features which gives holiday travelers ‘feel at home’ experience is accommodation facility. The accommodation facilities we offer are mainly located in the major tourist sites which enable several tourists to turn  such sites into their second homes. Most of our tourist accommodations are situated around and inside the natural protected areas. This is where the only sound to hear, in these areas, is from birds and blowing fresh air that pass-by your ears. Some of these accommodations are built with local materials that enable them to match with the natural environment where they are located.

We frequently travel to find the hotels, lodges, guesthouses, and tented camps that best suit the different tastes of our clients. The number of such accommodations we have visited, and inspected runs into hundreds. We particularly look for those in better locations or with good standards to suit the style of a hotel, lodge, guesthouse, or a tented camp.

The ones we like best are often run by wonderful owners with a real passion. However, we do not list on this website those accommodations we offer, but we are ready to give enough examples that you can see broadly; what choices are available to suit different tastes. About charges for services they provide, we use the following to indicate their relative charges:

  • Lower-range; a good standard option which we think is comfortable and pleasant but without additions, at a price to suit the typical soft adventure traveler. Guest bedrooms all have private bathrooms of course.
  • Mid- range;  superior which we consider is comfortable and pleasant with nice décor and furnishings, above average food or a desirable location, with a price to match.
  • Upper- range; the upper end of what is available located in a special place where to stay, but at a top of the market price-wise. High prices always mean luxury facilities, and reflect the uniqueness of their services and location.