How to get here

Getting to Rwanda is not that challenging because there are many ways one can use to be able to get to Rwanda, One can choose to either take a flight using Rwanda air or use road transport.

Scheduled flight

We recommend you to make a direct air travel reservation with the airlines. There are number of scheduled airline flights to and from Kigali International Airport in Rwanda; from the Europe’s Amsterdam in Netherlands operated by KLM Dutch Royal, besides flights from Brussels in Belgium operated by SN Brussels. There are also flights from Heathrow in UK operated by  British Airways to Entebbe Airport in Uganda with a connection to Kigali operated by Rwand air. Other available flights to Kigali are operated by Qatar Airways from the Asia’s Doha in Qatar, Turkish Airlines from Istanbul in Turkey as well as flights by Rwandair from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

getting to RwandaThere are other airline flights operated from the Africa’s Nairobi in Kenya by  Kenya Airways, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania by Rwandair, Addis-Ababa in Ethiopia by  Ethiopian Airlines, Brazzaville in Congo, Libreville in Gabon, and Lagos in Nigeria by Rwand air; as well as Jonesburg in South Africa by South  African Airways. Most of these flights available five times a week, make Rwanda an easily accessible tourist destination in the heart of Africa.


Chartered flight

Helicopter flight service is one of the kind of transfer service at destination available for tourists traveling to different upcountry parts of Rwanda where we offer soft adventure and cultural/historical activities. In addition, this transport service is over and over again comfortable and quick and is recommended for high-end tourist travel. It is offered or arranged for you based on your interest or request and choice; and only available for connections within Rwanda.

Private vehicle

Using our company vehicles is helpful especially if you will be staying at accommodation we arrange for your in different parts of Rwanda and in the southwestern Uganda. If you plan to have a soft adventure holiday with us, it is better to inform us and we help you make a choice of a vehicle to be arranged for your holiday trip. Prior and careful planning is necessary and you will have to be confident to travel around Rwanda and beyond. We always arrange the 4-wheel drive vehicles considered essential to cope up even with the rough roads in the national parks or some other places you choose to visit.